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Natural Stone Reflexology Slippers

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Natural Pebble Stone Foot Massager Slippers Reflexology Care Blood Activating Foot Acupuncture Point Massage Shoes For Men Women


  • Stone and wood material is healthy, hygienic, beneficial, non-toxic, easy to clean and free of sulfur, aniline or other toxins without side effects.
  • Various stones arranged scientifically are rich in trace element, which can care your foot, promote blood circulation and remove toxins effectively.
  • Can soothe and activate veins, relax nerves and muscles and eliminate fatigue.
  • Can release body static to maintain nerves and blood pressure functions.
  • Can relieve tension to promote sleep.
  • Upper with hook and loop design is adjustable to fit various feet comfortably.
  • Suitable to be worn at shower, balcony, living room, bedroom and so on to massage and care your feet anytime and anywhere.

Material: EVA + Stone + Wood
Optional Colors: Red, Black
Thickness: Approx. 2.8cm / 1.1inch
Weight: 365-429g
Type: Massager
Optional Sizes: 37 (CN), 39 (CN), 41 (CN), 42 (CN), 43 (CN)

Stone Massage Shoes Colors: Red, Black