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Black Hematite Stone


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 Hematite: This stone, to me, is like THE stone to have around. It works the best for me as far as shielding me from absorbing the energies around me. It liken myself to a psychic sponge at times. I have a Pisces Moon that squares Neptune on my angles. Plus, I’m also having one heck of a Neptune transit right now. If you have a strong Neptune signature in your astrological chart, I highly recommend you give this stone a shot.

Hematite contains high levels of Iron and is correlated to the base chakra. Because of it’s Iron content, it can have a reddish or brown tint but is most commonly black or a deep steely gray.

Hematite is wonderfully grounding and will dissolve negativity while protecting you from absorbing the “nastiness” that belongs to others. It keeps you from boarding someone else’s emotional train, basically.

There are two versions of this stone. One is magnetized and the other is not. I use the non-magnetized. However, if you work with this stone, try it both ways and see what works best for you.

I am also iron deficient anemic. However, it is believed that hematite helps the body absorb iron and keeps blood healthy. In this way, it can be energizing. As a matter of fact, the word “hematite” is derived from the greek word for “blood” (ie: hematology-the study of blood, blood forming organs and diseases of the blood).

What is more vital in terms of life force than blood? So, this is a health stone as well as a grounding, energizing and protective stone


  • Item Type: For DIY Bracelet and Necklace 
  • Material: Stone
  • Outer Diameter: 8mm
  • Item Shape: Round Shape
  • Item Weight: 10-80g
  • Model Number: Hematite Stone
  • color: as picture show
  • Material: Maifanite Stone
  • hole size: 1mm
  • outside size: 4mm 6mm 8mm10mm 12mm
  • type: Green Rutilated Stone
  • use: for jewelry making
  • Application: DIY Bracelet